Class Descriptions

Parent-Tot (10 – 35 months)

Following the Leader

Following the Leader

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Waterworks On Wheels believes in making this class a positive experience with games, songs and toys. We are not an aggressive “survival” program, but have a balanced mix of fun and safety. Our practiced and proven water safety techniques are the key to our success. Children (ages 10 months to 35 months) learn by repetition and consistency. Our main focus is water safety using highly practiced and researched techniques including:

  • Our introductory song, “Look who came to the pool today.”
  • Big Arms (Row, row your boat)
  • Kicks on front and back
  • Spider Man (getting around the pool by holding onto the side)
  • Jump in, turn around, grab on, climb out (our signature safety technique)
  • Back float
  • Follow the Leader (swimming from instructor, through a hula-hoop — and underwater! — to the parent at the other side of the hoop)

Beginner (4:1 ratio)

About to "Jump In Turn Around"

About to “Jump In Turn Around”

This class is for the child who is not yet able to swim independently. Some children in this class may be able to submerge their face, but that is not a requirement. Children may or may not be anxious about the water. Focus on water safety with our practiced safety techniques (JITA, back float and swimming),  and working on swim skills such as:

  • jump in, turn around, grab the wall, climb out
  • big arms and kicks
  • “swimming” with instructor and at times a noodle or kickboard
  • learning to hold the breath
  • back float
  • Safety Day (to include “street clothing”) practicing all the water safety skills

Advanced Beginner (4:1 ratio)

"Jump In, Turn Around"

“Jump In, Turn Around”

This class is for the child that can swim or glide independently for approximately three (3) feet or more on their front with face in the water. Focus on water safety, more comfort in the water, and learning to swim farther and better. Class includes:

  • big arms and kicks
  • putting arms and kicks together to swim
  • learning breath control and preparation for learning to take breaths while swimming
  • jump in, turn around, grab the wall, climb out
  • back float
  • adding kicks to back float

Intermediate (4:1 ratio)

Learning the Backstroke

Tino Perfecting the Backstroke

This class is for the child that can swim on the stomach with arms and kicks, and on the back for the width of the pool (approximately 5 yards). Focus on swimming correctly on the front and on the back, as well as mastery of rhythmic breathing and the “jump in, turn around” technique.

  • Bobs for breath control
  • Correcting arms and kicks for freestyle
  • Working on side breath for freestyle
  • Back float
  • Correcting arms and kicks for backstroke
  • Endurance technique for freestyle and backstroke
  • Introduction to breaststroke
  • Introduction to treading water

Swim Skills (4:1 ratio)

Working on Backstroke Arms

Working on Backstroke Arms

This class is for children who can swim freestyle and backstroke for approximately 15 yards, or half the pool length. Focus on technical skills like breathing and good form while swimming freestyle and backstroke, learning basic breaststroke, increasing endurance, and water safety. Treading water (with and without “street clothing” on) will also be included.

  • improving backstroke, and freestyle techniques
  • learning breaststroke
  • working towards swimming the length of the pool
  • treading water
  • side breathing

Competitive Swimming (5:1 ratio)

Swimming the Breaststroke

Swimming the Breaststroke

This class is for the child that can swim freestyle and backstroke for 25 yards, or the entire pool length. This class will ready your child for a competitive program, if desired. Focus on technical skills such as:

  • improving breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle techniques
  • learning butterfly
  • increasing endurance
  • treading water

Desert Swim School believes in working with children on a very individual basis. We will assess and evaluate each child based on his/her skill displayed at the first lesson, and may make changes as needed. Your input when registering with regard to your child’s swim ability and comfort level is key. Please feel free to contact us at (480) 461-3888 with any additional questions.

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